Welcome to SSCS Staten Island’s Costume Resale Store featuring costumes from award winning “Star Struck Dance Studio.”  

As a dance mom for the past 10 years, I have watched beautiful costumes displayed on stage and then put into a storage bag.  My daughter started to enter the “solo” competition and that’s when my eyes began to open.  Awesome, crystal costumes that cost the average dance family quite a bit of money, only to be put “on the shelf” when the competition season was over.

Opening SSCS has been a dream of mine for years. Having the opportunity to share all the beauty and hard work that goes into these costumes with other dancers is the goal. SSCS will display and list gently used costumes for sale at a fraction for the price of new costumes.   Our dancers have a reputation for wearing glamorous, high quality, crystal dance costumes.  Now is your chance to wear and enjoy them too.

We will be selling a variety of costumes in multiple sizes and styles. Most of the costumes will be listed individually but we also have costumes for group sale.  You will also have the opportunity to re-sell your costume when you are through with it. 

Check out the Star Stuck Dance Studio website starstruckdancenyc.com to see some of these costumes in action!